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End of Life Options or Parts (EOL)

We have chosen to maintain a list of all options even if some are now designated as End of Life (EOL). There are two distinct difference between EOL sales options and EOL spare parts

EOL Sales Options

Sales options include batteries, AC adapters, memory, cases etc and are sold either with Toshiba laptop when sold or purchased separately at a later date. Sales options can be obtained from Toshiba Sales and Marketing, any Toshiba Reseller or an Authorised Service Provider such as Topaz Support. The options are marketed using a unique sales code, normally starting with a PA..., or PX... . Sales options are marketed as a sales product and normally has a shorter sales lifespan. Options that are included in the original laptop build are also available as a spare part. (battery, AC adapter, memory). In most cases a sales option will also be available as a spare part and therefore if the sales option is EOL, it may still be found under the spare part number. Where applicable, this will be indicated on the product description.

EOL Spare Parts

Spare parts are used to repair your laptop and are supplied via the repair centres or service providers. Spare parts are normally available for 5 to 7 years after the laptop finishes production. Once a spare part is EOL, we are unable to source the part and the only option is to look for a company which has some old stock, quite often an Internet search will produce results.

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