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Recovery Media

There are two methods of rebuilding or recovering the Toshiba factory build software.

1. Recovery CD/DVD.

This the most common method and until recently, all laptops shipped with their own Recovery CD/DVD. The CD would enable the user to reload the software to the factory build. This would DELETE all data, prepare the hard drive, install the operating software and the Toshiba specific drivers, utilities etc. The CD is very easy to install (instructions on the CD case or included in the User Manual) and normally takes about 30 minutes. However, it will delete your data and therefore, if possible, you should back up your data prior to running the CD and also to have your application software and user ID/passwords ready to hand, to install after the recovery process.

2. Partition Image.

More recently, the image build is being installed in its own protected partition on the hard drive. When you first configure the laptop from new you are prompted to create a Recovery CD. Please make sure you do this as if the hard drive should fail, you have no method of re-installing the factory software. The same advice given for 1) Recovery CD, above applies to the Partition Image.


Copies of Recovery CD/DVDs can only be obtained from Toshiba Sales and Marketing, by calling 0844 847 8944 and selecting Option 3 or alternatively the media can be ordered on line by accessing Toshiba's site here.

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Recovery CD/DVD

An important aspect of maintaining your laptop is the integrity of the software. If your hard drive is replaced or if the software build is corrupted, the recovery media will re-instate the software to the factory build.


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